Welcome to Krav Maga Renton

Renton's only licensed Krav Maga Worldwide training center.



Krav Maga is known around the world for being an effective & no gimmick self-defense system.  Our reality based training system with prepare you to be ready for whatever life throws your way. Try a free class and see for yourself.

Krav Fitness


Known for the intense self-defense training, Krav Maga is also known and used as a great way to get in shape.  Used by many celebrities to prepare for a movie and merely get in shape.  We also offer 6 week challenges for taking you from fluff to FIT! 


Law Enforcement

Krav Maga Renton is one of the areas only Force Training centers in Washington State. Learn to use the application within proper use of force with our Force Training classes.  Open to all sworn officer, military, and federal officers. 

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